The African Center USA inspires members of our community to strive towards self-reliance and become contributing members of the society. The organization also implements measured changes in programs and services delivery to meet the constant changes taking place within and outside our community. We are proud to announce that 82 percent of the total clients served for basic needs assistance between year 2000 and 2010 no longer require that assistance. Instead, some of them are today serving as the foot soldiers for the African Center’s outreach efforts to improve the community status on health, education and entrepreneurship, and active civic responsibility. These efforts have been tagged as Community Enterprise Platform. We invite you to join the new enterprise.


Two Events, One venue

2016 ToA & AFF events take place on Saturday, October 22nd @ Georgetown 14 Digital Cinema - 3898 Lafayette Rd., Indianapolis, IN. 46254

Call 317 927 9777 for admission

Or reserve seats online at: EVENTBRITE



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Services at the African Center are now offered by appointment only. No walk-in Call 317 927 9777 and ask for Jacques Sevi